Master Wu Guózhōng

Master Wú Guózhōng (Master Wu Kuo Chung)
1932 – 2016

Master’s inspiration, great knowledge and skills, his kind and gentle spirit, and his tremendous contribution promoting the art of Tàijí Quán (T’ai Chi Ch’uan) throughout the world is a lasting legacy for all of us.
Master died on June 29, 2016 in Taiwan.

Master Wú Guózhōng, born in China in 1932, came from a family with three generations of martial artists and started learning martial arts from his father when he was only nine. At 16, Master Wú joined the army and in 1949 followed the nationalist forces to Taiwan. After he retired from the army, Master worked for the Transport Ministry but continued to practice his martial arts. Master would frequently meet some of Grandmaster Zhèng Mànqīng’s (Cheng Man Ch’ing) students who were anxious to try out their skills on such a prominent martial artist such as Master Wú. From Master’s perspective, Taiji was just “Tofu Kung Fu,” meaning completely useless in application.

Master Wú’s impression changed completely, however, after a meeting Grandmaster Zhèng Mànqīng. No matter what martial art technique Grandmaster Wú used, Zhèng Mànqīng was able to fling him against the wall, leaving him dazed and speechless. After that, Master committed himself to the study T’ai Chi Ch’uan with Gandmaster Zhèng Mànqīng. Grandmaster admitted Master as a closed-door student of the Yang Family Tàijí and later the Zuǒ (Tso) Family internal energy methods.

Master Wú Guózhōng is the founder of Shen Long Tàijí Quán Association and the International Shen Long Tàijí Quán Association which since 2002 has been located in the mountains of central Taiwan. Master Wú dedicated his life to the continued study of Tàijí Quán.