Acupressure Massage

During this extended period of Stay-at-Home online classes, Xin Tian, a licensed acupuncturist and a Shen Long Tai Chi Chuan student, guided us through acupressure massage exercises to supplement our daily Tai Chi Chuan practices.


Consult your doctors and acupuncturist when you need medical treatments.

Acupressure DOES NOT replace any medical treatments.

Links to Specific Acupressure Massages for:

Meridian Massage

Meridian massage focuses on improving and clearing blockages which can restrict the flow of Qi.

  • Heart Meridian: These points are often used for treating pain of the chest and heart, and disorders of heart rhythm, such as palpitation; regulating and calming the spirit; treating disorders of tongue and speech, including loss of voice, stiffness of tongue, painful and swollen tongue; treating disorders of throat and eyes.
  • Large Intestine Meridian: These points are often used for treating atrophy disorders and painful obstruction, hemiplegia and pain of all kinds, for example, relieve toothache of lower tooth, arm elbow shoulder pain, tennis elbow, etc.
  • Lung Meridian: These points are often used for respiratory disorders, such as coughing, wheezing, asthma, and shortness of breath; nasal disorders; disorders of throat such as dryness, soreness, congestion, swelling, and pain.
  • Pericardium Meridian: These points are often used for treating palpitation, irregular heart rhythm, disorder of the chest, disorder of the stomach, disorder of the lateral costal region, stagnation of Qi, treating febrile diseases, treating swelling and pain of axilla.
  • Small Intestine Meridian: These points are often used for clearing heat and reducing fever, especially malarial fever; treating maniac disorder; cooling heat and fire and alleviating pain along the meridian in the arm, axilla, shoulder, scapula, neck, throat, jaw, mouth, teeth, tongue, nose, cheek, eyes, and ears.
  • Triple Burner Meridian: These points are often used for reducing fever; benefiting the ears, treating tinnitus, deafness due to heat; clearing heat from eyes, neck, throat and tongue; treating side headache.




Written instructions-Introduction

General Guidance

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Arthritis, part 1

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Arthritis, part 2

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Arthritis, part 3

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Backache and Sciatica

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Congestion, part 1

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Congestion, part 2

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Elbow Pain, part 1

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Elbow Pain, part 2

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Eyes, Tired Eyes

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Foot and Ankle, part 1

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Foot and Ankle, part 2

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Hypertension, part 1

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Hypertension, part 2

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Immune System, part 1

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Immune System, part 2

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Immune System, part 3

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Immune System, part 4

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Indigestion and Heartburn

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Knee Pain

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Leg Cramps

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Sleep, part 1

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Sleep, part 2

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Sore Throat

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Stress, part 1

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Stress, part 2

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 Swelling/Water Retention, 1

Written instructions-Swelling 1

Swelling/Water Retention, 2

Written instructions-Swelling 2

Wrist Pain

Written instruction-Wrist Pain





The Meridians

Meridian massage focuses on improving and clearing blockages restricting the flow of Qi.

Heart Meridian
Large Intestine Meridian
Lung Meridian
Pericardium Meridian
Small Intestine Meridian
Triple Burner Meridian



Heart Meridian

Written instructions-Heart Meridian

Large intestine

Written instructions-Large Intestine



Written instructions-Lung


Written instructions-Pericardium

Small Intestine

Written instructions-Small Intestine

Triple Burner

Written instructions-Triple Burner