Push Hands

October 8, 2015

It’s fall in Chicago. The annual flowers are fading, the birds are beginning to migrate, the leaves are beginning to change, and the weather is changing.

HummingbirdLast week on a particularly blustery day, I sat outside in a sheltered area of the back deck having an afternoon cup of coffee. I noticed the single remaining hummingbird drinking from a single remaining pink flower on the deck. I love to watch these little creatures, so fast, so agile but what I noticed that day was the hummingbird moving in unison with the flower. She (it was a female) moved so effortlessly with the flower on that windy day; not anticipating where the wind might take the flower, not reacting to where the flower had moved, but moving WITH the flower. “When you move, I move first.”

An Ah Ha moment. . . that’s  推手  Tuishou, that’s Push Hands!

~Pam Hultgren
Instructor, Northfield