Modified Form

Saturdays, 10:45-11:30 a.m., Pam Hultgren, instructor

The Modified Form class is ideal for older seniors or those who might have some physical challenges with balance or memory. In this class students continue to practice and refine the exercises and apply the principles learned in the Foundations of T’ai Chi class as they begin to learn the first section of the T’ai Chi Ch’uan Form. The Form is a series of 37 T’ai Chi movements woven together in a sequence to enhance relaxation, Chi development, physical balance, and energy balance.

Learning the first section of the Form takes time as students incorporate the principles they have learned in the Foundations class and as they begin to learn the movements of the Form. The Modified Form class will be at a slightly slower pace.

The First Section of the Form includes the following 13 postures:

        • Ye Bei Shi/Preparation
          Qi Shih/Beginning
        • Zuo Peng/Ward Off Left
        • Lan Que Wei/Grasp Sparrows Tail
          Peng/Ward Off Right
          Lu/Roll Back
        • Dan Bian/Single Whip
        • Ti Shou Shang Shi/Lift Hands
        • Kao/Lean Forward
        • Bai He Liang Shi/White Crane Spreads Its Wings
        • Lou Xi Ao Bu/Brush Knee and Twist Step
        • Shou Hui Pi Pa/Playing the Lute
        • Lou Xi Ao Bu/Brush Knee and Twist Step
        • Ban Lan Chui/Deflect, Parry, and Punch
        • Ru Feng Si Bi/Withdraw, Close Hands, and Push
        • Shi Zi Shou/Turn the Body, Cross the Hands


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