How to Practice During the Holidays

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and move into the busy holiday season, our days and our habits often change. We are busier; we may eat more and at different times of the day; […]

Fast is Slow; Slow is Fast

If you’ve ever seen Tai Chi or Qigong being practice in a local park or perhaps a park in San Francisco or China, you cannot help but notice the slow, calm, meditative pace. […]

Prepare to be Surprised

Many of us don’t like surprises. As humans we tend to want and cling to/grasp at certainty. That’s understandable. When we’re learning, whether something simple or complex, most of us want assurance that we are indeed learning; and most of us want to know we’re learning well. […]

There’s a Method

Most of the summer we’ve been watching as Glenview prepared the median strip down the center of our street for a sidewalk. It’s been dusty and messy and, at the same time, interesting. […]


A week or so ago one of the senior students made the comment that something I had been teaching had changed! Yes, that happens, it happens in life, it happens in Tai Chi classes but it can be a bit jarring or even a little frustrating. […]

Along the Way

As my Tai Chi journey continues with each practice and every class, there is a joy in the subtle discoveries that occur. I can’t force them to happen, of course, but when they do, they’re wonderfully impactful. […]

The Most Important Thing

What a powerful mantra! Important in understanding our Tai Chi practice and important in life. Imagine that it’s time for dinner. The most important thing to do is to prepare the dinner. Now imagine that as you are preparing the dinner the veggies begin to burn. […]

The Power of Standing Still

Standing still does not come naturally to us. As infants and toddlers, we have been on the move, exploring the world around us. As adults we have been conditioned to keep moving, doing something, doing anything […]

Everything is in the Form

Last time we talked about practice, basically how to approach your home practice. But, WHY do we continue to practice the exercises?  Why don’t we just learn the Form? […]

Practicing Tai Chi

Before you begin your daily practice take time to relax and release your body and clear and quiet your mind and smile! Practice with no worries, no concerns, no self corrections. […]